Galina Levina
Galina Levina has worked alongside Dr. Engel for over 20 years. Over this time she has been instrumental in the growth of clientele and is focused on client relations and specializes in pain management and diet.
Karen Abriss
Karen has been with Dr Engel since 1990. Karen is the office manager and is working with our clients. Karen is typically the first person one will meet when they enter our hospital. "Time flies when you enjoy making a difference in animals and their caregivers lives. It is very rewarding following our patients during every stage of their lives."
Dr Andrew Engel has been practicing veterinary medicine from the same Woodhaven location for over 30 years. Although the Hospital itself is has remained in the exact same location, Dr. Engel has made sure the medical practices and technology continually advance. Over the years Dr. Andrew Engel has continued to be a beloved and trusted part of the community acting as both medical professional and animal advocate. The Dog Cat Doctor


Dr, Andrew Engel and Staff
Handsome and Big Boy greeting our clients ie. awaiting cat treats.